Future+ Media

Branding, Design, Art Direction

In late 2019, I was approached by Future+ Media to create a new visual identity for the agency, to showcase their transformation from an event production house into a fully-fledged experiential marketing agency. The rebrand was interrupted by the beginnings of the COVID-19 Pandemic – first in China, and then in the United States – and both myself and the Future+ team had to readjust to our new working paradigm.

Over the next several months, I worked with them to create a robust set of branding tools as well as a completely redesigned website. Then, I worked to expand the initial design vision over the next two years, incorporating new events, new social media campaigns, as well as branding for their branded content series Future+ Channel.

We are more than a creative agency.
We create the Future.

Plus More

I proposed focusing on the distinctive “+” in Future+ as the starting point, turning it into a simple but impactful motif the brand can be built and elaborated upon, whether as a single icon or as a variety of patterns.

The Emblem

After presenting an initial set of sketches, we decided to pursue a condensed emblem of the agency name, transforming the “F” and “+” into a modernized (and abstracted) form of the traditional Chinese tuzhang seal. The icon’s compact dimensions allows it to be deployed easily and flexibly, lending it an air of playful mystery.

The Website

As they look to add more international clients to their roster, Future+ wanted to buck the trend of Chinese websites being overly-embellished and excessively wordy. With this in mind, I opted for a clean layout, punctuating the design with bold shapes and subdued motion graphics.

Going Beyond

In 2021, Future+ launched a series of shows produced in-house under the banner of Future+ Channel. To distinguish the content branding from the agency’s client work, I worked with the design team to create an expansion of the brand identity, highlighting the multifaceted nature of the channel’s content by introducing new elements and new 3D visuals.


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