Design, Retouching

Eyelo is a new kind of eyewear distributor. Instead of working within the heavily monopolized eyewear market, the company makes quality hand-made Italian frames directly available to Optometrists and Opticians. The team at Kworq created the branding and website for the company, expressing the company’s ethos of doing everything just a little differently.

Love It

Eyelo is an amalgamation of “Eye Love”, expressing the love of quality eyewear shared by the craftsmen who make them, and the professionals who prepare them for customers. The brand’s colorful palette and whimsical photography act as a contrast to the blandness of B2B experiences, and issue a direct challenge to the joyless corporate entities dominating the industry.

The Site

Kworq designed a comprehensive site for the company, detailing the story of Eyelo along with the stories of the brands they distribute. The story pages populated with high-quality photography of the factories and their surroundings in Italy in order to build an emotional connection between Eyelo’s customers and manufacturers.


Hickey Freeman